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Earth - HRPT

David Taylor:      Software for tracking satellites, processing HRPT and APT files and loads of other valuable software.

                               WXTrack, ReadHRPT, SatSignal highly recommended.

Celestrak:           Ephemeris in the form of 2 line elements of virtually all orbiting satellites. Actual and historical data sets.

SAA:                     NOAA Satellite Active Archive for stored data on NOAA weather satellites.

                               GAC - LAC - HRPT and other formats.   Operational Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) website showing NOAA related image products, organized by theme   downlink frequencies for  satellites  Marius Rensen weather and ham site. Loads of useful links    Joseph Gresham, Lakeland Florida, larger area HRPT imaging  international weather site images  Meteosat imagery  SMIS imaging data, Eastern Europe oriented   Les Hamilton  weather sat image pages, UK oriented  Mike Adams Weatherwatch UK  WXSat software

 Meteorology sites:    Meteorology resources, meteorology related news, books and web resources   A site with meteo information focused on The Netherlands   A Southend based site with weather from anywhere in quite some detail.

Space - Astronomy                            Astronomy Now, general info    Astronomy Today news                            Galileo home page                                  Mars Global Surveyor Image Gallery                                              Planetary Data Systems, Nasa JPL             Planetary Data Systems imaging node                             Breaking news                                                     Hubble site      Calvin J. Hamilton, copyright of Venus picture                             Planetary Photo journal                    NASA: Mars for Educators    K-8 Space Education Resources    Sounds from Space    Early Childhood Teacher: Educator Resources


Physics       Visual quantum mechanics                                     American Institute of Physics, Physics news